This space is a place to introduce products designed by M. Mirzaei which introduce as Domim brand. Domim aim to create an enjoyable experience with the
materials and processes used to create products that are inspired from nature. Through these experiences, we try to design products in a variety of forms
and simple solutions to everyday problems.
About Designer:
Mehrnoosh Mirzaei Born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Alzahra university in 2008 and her Master’s
Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Tehran, Fine Arts College in 2010 "The first and the most fun experience from my childhood was about
creating new products from recycled paperboard into sandals, old bottoms into rings, and cognition smell of tomato plant. Design is an opportunity for me
to connect with those days and transfer sense of purity of those days to my users. "
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